About Favos Surfaces

What is a Favos surface?

By laminating thin stone veneers to an aerospace-grade composite panel, Favos panels are lightweight yet structurally stable surface materials.
Our composite panels are suitable for a range of applications, such as:


Suitable for worktops, splashbacks, islands & end panels

Wall Panels

Full format wall paneling

Bathroom & Shower Enclosures

Suitable for wet applications


Bespoke lightweight furniture

Lightweight surfaces & installation

Favos lightweight surfaces bring mass functionality, weighing just 15 kg/m² Favos surfaces allow for easy transportation from delivery to the construction site, easy to carry up flights of stairs and through narrow corridors or alleyways. Only requiring one person to carry each panel, providing simplicity and ease.

Weighing only 15 kg/m² makes Favos surfaces the perfect material for bathroom design and high rise buildings as the surfaces can be easily transported upwards from the ground floor. Irradicating the need to use a crane or have multiple carriers.

Additionally, Favos surfaces are easy to install, only requiring one fitter to place and fit the surface. Due to the lightweight yet robust nature of the panels, a simple and quick install can be completed without the fear of chipping or scratching the surface when carrying them through the building site.

Fabricated in the U.K.

Laminated and fabricated in the U.K. at our state-of-the-art factory located in Southampton, Hampshire. The use of a CNC waterjet machine allows us to create cut-to-size panel pieces identical to drawings, meaning there should be no reason for our surfaces to be cut on-site. Producing an incredible finish that is combined with a perfectly sized surface panel.

Additional to using high-grade technology to fabricate our surfaces Favos has a team of highly skilled craftsmen, making sure our surfaces are manufactured to reach full physical performance as well as achieve an incredible finish to the panels through skilled procedures.

Our fabrication process allows us to create a thin 25mm panel. Although the panel is thin it holds immense structure, creating an incredibly strong and stable surface, leaving no need to worry when being transported and installed.

Favos Panel Structure

Delivered in a box

With our methods of creating a lightweight surface, we have been able to form a product that offers a simple, easy and understood delivery straight to your door. This procedure gives the customer ease of mind that their home won’t have crates scattered throughout and create an incredible mess from sawdust or wood chippings.

Although our delivery process may seem unconventional and untraditional it allows for a trusted, tested and reliable system that Favos is familiar with, ensuring a high-quality service.

Despite the untraditional delivery process, Favos surfaces will arrive in great condition because of the structural stability of the product in combination with the performance attributes such as scratch resistance and a protective layer placed around the panel in delivery.

Although untraditional Favos provides a unique delivery service, packing surfaces into a box and delivering them straight to the customers door.


Although Favos uses high-grade technology in combination with aerospace-grade composites and supreme materials Favos remains competitive offering industry-standard prices for our full range of materials and other products. Making your dream kitchen, bathroom or other areas of interior design achievable.

With such a broad range of materials we are unable to maintain one consistent price to fit all, this has led to Favso having multiple prices throughout. However, these prices have been categorized and grouped, creating consistent pricing groups containing multiple materials from our range.

Remaining competitive throughout the industry despite using high-grade technology in combination with aerospace-grade composites!


With over 60 materials in the Favos range varying from bright whites and strong blacks to materials with busy or light veining and even statement pieces featuring bright and bold colours. Favos surfaces can encapsulate any design and create or match any aesthetic desirable – creating immense style in design, taking your home to the next level.

However, the Favos material range provides more than mesmerizing designs and beautiful colours with a broad range of finishes that complete the materials design. The finishes add to the material’s colour creating an incredible feel, complimenting any other design.

Sinks & sink accessories

Favos offers a wide range of stainless steel sinks that are designed and manufactured using the most up-to-date machinery and high-quality stainless steel. The Favos sink range provides stability in structure and immense style in design, creating the perfect sink – with our broad and expansive range we are sure there is something that can complete your kitchen.

Additional to the wide range of sinks Favos has to offer there are a number of sink accessories available that complete kitchen design, ranging from chopping boards to drainer trays and basins. Our accessory range is designed to be placed into the sink with the opportunity for the accessories to be layered on top of one another, creating further surface space and a more functional sink!

Design guide

The design guide is a page on the Favos website that gives you all of the information concerning the design of our surface materials, panels and sinks. Creating a clearer image as to how our products can be used and in what ways the Favos range can help benefit you in ways you thought were never possible.

Featuring detailed descriptions of what joints and fixings we use brings information to so much more than just the end user as this page allowers for fitters and installers to gain a greater understanding of a material or product that they have never used. Allowing for a quick, easy and simple installation.

As well as providing information on the joints and fixings used to create our astonishing finishes. The design guide provides information on upstands and splashback that can bring an added sense of style throughout your kitchen area by creating something that will stand out anytime someone enters the room.

The design guide provides information on how to use and install our product, also giving a detailed overview of our products.

Blog page

The Favos blog page hosts regular posts regarding our products and services detailing how they can be beneficial to the customer in ways that other surface materials and/or kitchenware items may not be able to achieve. Consisting of posts comparing our surfaces to others such as Quartz, how the lightweight surface we produce is able to be used as an option for both interior and exterior design or how you can get the most through kitchen accessories with Favos!

Whether you’re looking for detailed explanations on how to use our products, the full range of performance attributes or how the products can be used in unison to create an incredible aesthetic for your home. This page on our website features regular updates, and if there is anything you would like us to cover make sure to leave it in the comments section.

The Favos blog page features regular posts that cover detailed descriptions of our products and their performance attributes.