Trilium Wall Panels

Favos can provide more than stunning worktops with our extensive range of materials. The lightweight structure of Favos panels creates an easily transportable product with simple installation, allowing for one man installation teams amongst many other attributes that help create an astonishing stone panel for all aspects of interior design.

Kovik flooring

Interior Cladding

Capable of producing stone wall panels to reach from floor to ceiling or to a specified straight edge design Favos is able to manufacture interior cladding in a decorative and unique manner to add immense style to your home’s interior. Adding to the immense design of our panels Favos’ material range offers a wide variety of colours to choose from, the choice in colours gives the opportunity to create any aesthetic from industrial to luxury with delicate veins flowing throughout the panels.


Favos panels are an excellent alternative for stone flooring, the combination of the material’s extreme durability, abrasion resistance and high stain resistance create an easy to maintain panel. Favos has been able to produce a strong material for flooring capable of being placed in any part of the home with immense functionality and style in design. The extensive colour range for the material allows you to compliment the tone of any room or create inspiration for the aesthetic.


Favos panels make for an incredible surface material, whether it’s used for worktops, cabinets, vanity units or other forms of surfaces Favos can provide a material that holds practicality in design. Boasting performance attributes such as stain resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance Favos can provide an easy to maintain surface allowing you to place ornaments, lamps, keys, and even hot drinks (without a coaster!) on the surface. Combining the performance attributes of Favos panels with the incredible style and design of the material will create an object with stunning design that is sure to stand out in any room.


Favos can provide features both internally and externally with our Dekton panels boasting resistance to ultraviolet(UV). UV resistance allows for the panels to be used outside without ultraviolet rays affecting the performance or colour of the material. As well as UV resistance Favos panels hold a resistance to thawing and ice, allowing the panels to be placed outside all year round whilst only requiring basic care and attention to maintain the performance attributes and colour of the panels. Favos panels would be a great stone alternative for features such as outside dining, seating, or barbecue area. For more in-depth information on the design features of our materials please visit the “About Favos Surfaces” page.


Finally, Favos can achieve stunning splashbacks with our broad material range and the use of Bookmatching(mirroring) materials allowing veins to flow easily from one panel to the next. As well as being able to achieve incredible aesthetics in design Favos’ panels create incredible practicality with high heat and stain resistance, meaning the splashback will retain all performance attributes even with the high temperatures of a stove and will not stain from liquid spraying out of pans where other materials may suffer.

Aura 15 Splashback

These are just a few ways in which Favos can achieve more than just kitchen design with our products boasting incredible functionality and achieving incredible results in interior and exterior design. Holding a host of performance attributes Favos panels make for an incredibly practical product in almost any circumstance.