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Functional Kitchen - Artinox sinks - Layer with accessories

Functional Kitchens By Favos

While the main concern when redesigning your kitchen might not be functionality it is vital. From worksurface durability to the quality of your tap everything needs to work perfectly. However, we understand that having a kitchen you feel comfortable in and love the design of is the main concern. So how can Favos achieve stylish ... continue reading
Bright stone surface - Bergen Kitchen Island and Surfaces

Bright Stone Surfaces By Favos

Our broad range of surface materials features bright stone surfaces, all capable of achieving stunning visuals whilst creating unique aesthetics in combination with a host of performance attributes. But how can our surfaces benefit your home? With an incredible range of surface materials, we are sure we can find the perfect surface for your home. ... continue reading
Dark stone kitchen - Liquid Embers

Dark Stone For Interior Design

When remodelling homes we all want a unique and eye-catching design for both small and large pieces. While bright and detailed materials can do this, sometimes the complete opposite is needed to differentiate your home's design from all your friends and family, and that is a dark stone with strong and bold colours. Luckily Favos ... continue reading

Stone Kitchen Design with Favos

With all of the surface material choices out there it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, so why choose Favos lightweight stone surfaces for kitchen design? With a broad host of colours and performance benefits, Favos is able to help you create your dream home through stone kitchen design. From ... continue reading
Calacatta Magnifico Stone Floors

Stone Floors With Favos

Stone floors are a growing trend in home design, from kitchens to bathrooms and even in large areas of open plan design stone is becoming a more prominent choice for flooring. So how can Favos help you create the stunning effects of a stone floor with our products? From performance attributes, all the way to ... continue reading
Bright Stone Surfaces - Aura 15 exterior cooking area

Outdoor Stone Surfaces from Favos

As the summer approaches along with hotter temperatures, later sunsets and finally... garden parties and barbecues we know that you will be looking at new ways to create a stunning garden, completely unique to any of your friends and family. With Favos you can achieve stunning outdoor stone surfaces! But how can you make this ... continue reading
Crystal Amber office furniture

Stone Furniture with Favos

The furniture in most homes is typically wood or other lightweight materials because these items are easy to transport and bring into the home. But stone furniture can offer great performance and a completely unique aesthetic, so how can Favos help bring stone furniture to your home? With a whole host of performance attributes and ... continue reading
Bathroom Design: Arga

Bathroom Design With Favos

Bathroom design covers many areas, from style and the materials used to all of the intricate and specific details that are needed to fit all of your needs. So how can Favos help provide you with the bathroom you have dreamed of creating for your home? At Favos we can use an array of methods ... continue reading
Verde France interior

Favos Interior Coverage

When it comes to interior design there is a humungous array of areas to cover. From surface materials, style and colour, sinks, accessories and furniture. But, you can't forget about the smaller details such as installation and transportation that don't fit into the magic of redesigning your home. So how can Favos bring you more ... continue reading
Infinity porcelain Travertino Grey Kitchen Island

Infinity Porcelain or Quartz?

Infinity porcelain and Quartz hold many differences, aside from sporting different colour designs and finishes. Both materials possess different performance attributes that change the way the materials behave and need to be treated. Heat Resistance One key difference between Infinity porcelain and Quartz is the resistance to heat that the two materials hold. Infinity porcelain ... continue reading