Dark stone kitchen - Liquid Embers

When remodelling homes we all want a unique and eye-catching design for both small and large pieces. While bright and detailed materials can do this, sometimes the complete opposite is needed to differentiate your home’s design from all your friends and family, and that is a dark stone with strong and bold colours.

Luckily Favos has a broad range of materials featuring astonishing dark materials with different finishes and designs. From plain blacks and dark browns to strong black backgrounds with hints of bright colours throughout and even more unique materials such as “Trilium”. So let’s take a look at how you can use our dark stone to reinvent your home.

Contrasting Colours

If you enjoy the effects of classic marbles or brighter surface materials there is no reason that you can’t also include dark stone materials. Dark stone materials against bright surfaces create an astonishing aesthetic bringing the home to life. Whether you want a marble with dark veins to complete style with a matching dark surfaces material or a bright colourful surface to contrast against an opposing material we can help you find the perfect solution.

Strong Tones

Dark stone surfaces can bring a whole range of design features to separate one from the other. Strong and single tones can bring immense style to any room of the home. A great example of a strong dark surface is “Total Black” which as you can probably guess is totally black, the material can provide strong and bold character with its subtle dark tones.

Dark Stone & Intricate Detail

How can dark stone have intricate detail? Well in the same way as light materials. Dark stone can also feature veining and speckles against a solid background, but this time the background is dark and completely unique to any other. “Laurent” features a solid black background with bright orange veins flowing throughout, capable of creating a stunning island unit or even a splashback against bright worksurfaces.

Different Dark Tones

Dark surfaces aren’t restricted to blacks and dark greys. With dark browns, reds and even deep blues, we can help you create a home unlike any other. Whether your creating a bathroom for a beach home and feel a dark blue would build something totally unique or an exterior cooking area for the summer out of a dark red. Our wide selection of materials creates endless opportunities for any theme or design, including dark surfaces.

Dark Stone - Nero Granite

With our broad range of materials featuring 62 different colours and designs, we can help you complete any project. From bright surfaces to dark surfaces our surfaces provide incredible functionality and style in design. To learn more about our products why not read some more blog posts. To check out our range of surface materials click the button below!