Verde France interior

When it comes to interior design there is a humungous array of areas to cover. From surface materials, style and colour, sinks, accessories and furniture. But, you can’t forget about the smaller details such as installation and transportation that don’t fit into the magic of redesigning your home.

So how can Favos bring you more than just immense style and practicality with the interior design of your home?

Kitchen Surfaces

When redesigning your kitchen there are some original thoughts that cross your mind like which material to use, what colour you want, and the aesthetic you want to achieve. With Favos’ extensive range of materials to choose from you have endless possibilities in kitchen design. Our surfaces take inspiration from natural stone – leaving you with a stunning stone effect.

As well as taking inspiration from stone our materials feature an array of performance attributes to ensure you maintain the style, finish, and aesthetic originally planned for. Performance attributes such as scratch resistance, stain resistance and heat resistance create a highly durable and stylish material, perfect for kitchen design.

Bathroom Design

We all know that when considering a material for bathroom design the deciding factor is water resistance. All Favos materials feature non-porous surfaces meaning no liquids will go through the material that could cause possible damage. As a result of this Favos surfaces can be used for more than just shower walls as we have the ability to construct shower trays and shelving to complete bathroom design.

Water resistance is not the only benefitting factor that Favos can provide in bathroom design, our lightweight surfaces provide easy transit and installation. The lightweight nature of our products allows for easy movement, perfect for projects on the higher floors of the home and a quick, easy installation that will not be time-consuming.

Wall Panelling

Our lightweight stone surfaces make an ideal solution for wall panelling. With large slab sizes available, immaculate design and a high resistance to scratching and staining all in combination with our products lightweight nature we can create mesmerizing pieces for interior d├ęcor. With our materials broad range of performance attributes and stylish designs the wall panels in your home will become a centre piece to anyone who sees them.


Using our lightweight surfaces we can fabricate the perfect furniture for any room. Featuring a high resistance to heat, acids, scratching and water we truly cover all bases. The scratch resistance of Favos surfaces allows for customers to place and slide cups, mugs, plates and any other household objects across the surface without any issues occurring.

Swam and Bathroom furniture for interior design

Sinks & Taps

Favos offer a range of designer “Sinks“, designed and manufactured using the most up-to-date machinery and stainless steel, creating a functional and stable sink with immaculate design. With a broad range of sizes and designs, we can help you create a more functional kitchen with incredible design. Additionally to our sink range, Favos provides a range of sink accessories that help you make the most out of your sink and surface space.

To complete the sink area Favos provides a stunning range of “Taps“, the Favos tap range encompasses design with beautifully crafted taps that will bring an added sense of style to your home. Accentuating the surrounding accessories and items.

At Favos we cover all aspects of interior design. Combining everything from the small details that may be forgotten in the process to the most important and necessary features, with incredible design that will continue to create great style and maintain the original finish.