Dark Stone - Nero Granite

Favos provides an immense, broad range of materials that are sending shockwaves through the industry. Capable of achieving a host of designs using our composite materials (Surfaces) and even sourcing natural stone through years of experience working with raw and natural materials. Favos brings revolutionary stone design in combination with immense style.


Favos uses thin surfaces of 4mm & 6mm, bonded to a 20mm aluminium honeycomb core with a specially formulated epoxy system, creating a lightweight surface. This system allows Favos to produce a surface that can be easily transported and carried, perfect for high rise buildings and bathrooms!

Stain Resistance

As summer approaches we know you will be having barbecues with family and friends. The high stain resistance of Favos’ composite surfaces provides the perfect solution for any spillages (that are likely to happen). Creating an easy to clean surface, requiring only basic care and attention to maintain the stunning design and finish from the original install.

Scratch Resistance

Offering a high resistance against scratching, Favos surfaces are perfect for any area of interior design. From food preparation to bathroom vanity units and wall panelling scratching is an easy and often occurring problem. However, with Favos this worry, and issue can be irradicated, the materials’ high performance allows for activities such as chopping and dicing food on the surface to be completed without the fear of any damage being done to the surface.

Exterior Appliances

Favos surfaces provide the ideal answer to any exterior design appliance, offering UV resistance in combination with resistance to thawing and ice. The combination of these performance benefits allows for only basic care and attention to maintain the stylish appearance of your exterior appliances throughout both the hot and cold months of the year. Favos surfaces provide the perfect material for any from an outdoor fireplace to an exterior barbecue.

Bright Stone Surfaces - Aura 15 exterior cooking area

Stylish Design

Our broad range of materials features a wide variety in stone design, from industrial tones to marble effects, heavy and light veining, or bold and strong colours. The Favos material range has infinite ways to bring the design of your home to the next level. Taking inspiration from natural stone our material range provides an incredible range of style, capable of creating or matching any aesthetic. For more information on our materials visit:

Favos can revolutionise your homes design using stone and stone composite materials in combination with our high-grade technology to create lightweight stone surfaces. Providing more than just jaw-dropping design with a host of performance attributes, producing style and practicality in design.