When considering what type of worktop to choose for your new kitchen the options seem to be endless and so do the deciding factors. Choosing between all the different materials from wood to stone, composite materials, and more is enough hassle and that’s without covering other things, such as durability, the look of the worktop, practicality, and many other things. So how can Favos worktops benefit you in comparison to other surface materials and meet the latest design trends?

Certain materials such as Favos’ lightweight surfaces make the decision so much easier. With high stain resistance, heat resistance, a huge range of styles and colours on offer, as well as a host of other things, Favos can help you create the perfect kitchen for your home. After looking at some of the latest kitchen and worktop trends we have picked out a few ways in which Favos worktops can help you create a stunning yet practical worktop that will fulfil all your needs.

Bergen end panel


Slabbed splashbacks are becoming more and more popular in kitchen design trends and Favos’ lightweight surfaces are the perfect product for this with a range of styles and finishes that are able to compliment any kitchen worktop as well as carry all of Dekton’s performance benefits, such as heat resistance, stain resistance, and weighing just 15kg/m². Favos panels feature low porosity, allowing for easy cleaning of typically hard to clean stains such as cooking oils that may spray out of the pan only requiring basic care and attention. This combined with the high heat resistance means that the panels will not lose any performance benefits, unlike other materials that can not withstand the high temperatures that Favos panels are able to work under. Favos is able to provide you with a lightweight backsplash that will maintain its astonishing finish, unlike many others.

Dark surfaces

Dark surfaces are becoming one of the fastest growing design trends and Favos can set the tone with our huge range of dark surfaces and choices in your preferred finish. With a varying range in choice, Favos can provide customers with plain dark worktops and worktops with dark backgrounds featuring light veining, accentuating the surrounding furniture. Additionally, Favos worktops provide more than a classy and sophisticated finish, unlike many natural stones Favos surfaces are highly scratch resistant and have low porosity. Favos panels provide customers with a stunning worktop and a durable product in comparison to other worktop materials such as laminate.

Structured simplicity

Favos can provide customers with a simple yet stylish design, featuring an array of choices in worktops, sinks, taps, and sink accessories that can all be integrated with one another, increasing worktop space, functionality, and design. A prime example of this is our range of inset chopping boards available to our customers. The chopping boards can be integrated into selected sink models, increasing the worktop space and functionality of both the kitchen and sink area. However, these products provide more than just functionality, with their stylish designs and high levels of durability these accessories will compliment any kitchen worktop and applicable sink model.


The industrial style continues to gain popularity and Favos can help customers create an industrial aesthetic with our immense range of worktop colour designs inspired by natural stone, covering every possibility. An example of an industrial style worktop that Favos offers is “Kreta”, this took inspiration from classic cement flooring, featuring gentle movement providing darker or lighter areas throughout the slab creating an astonishing style and tone. The movement throughout the slab enables features such as taps and sinks to stand out more, becoming more vibrant against the subtle worktops.


Veining is another trend that continues to grow and Favos enables customers to have the choice between having subtle or bold veining depending on their preference. We also give customers the option of both light and dark stone featuring veins, creating endless possibilities. Additionally, Favos gives customers the opportunity to have their backsplashes veined to match their worktops through book matching (mirroring) slabs, adding unbelievable style and an astonishing finish.

Outdoor worktops

Favos worktops enable customers to have constant outdoor usage through the ultraviolet (UV) resistance and resistance to thawing and ice that the panels hold. Many manufactured materials suffer outside due to UV rays causing the surfaces to fade and lose aspects of their performance. However, Favos’ Dekton panels maintain their performance through the hottest and most frigid of temperatures, enabling the customer to have both an astonishing kitchen inside as well as a barbecue area or other appliance outside all year round, only requiring basic care and attention.


Marble seems to be an evergreen trend with kitchen worktops and while Favos does not manufacture natural stone worktops a large selection of our materials have been inspired by marble. Favos’ Dekton worktops bring impeccable quality and beautiful design, an example of this is “Aura 15”, which takes inspiration from Calacatta marble. Creating a white background with delicate grey veining throughout, also giving the ability to have the material book-matched creating a stunning finish with elegant veining. Additionally, Favos’ Dekton worktops can bring cost savings in comparison to natural stone while holding all the necessities of a kitchen worktop and more.


Favos panels provide everything from timeless classics to modern and innovative worktops inspired by natural stone while bringing performance benefits that many other worktops are not capable of providing. With almost endless possibilities in design and style, we are sure that we can meet all your needs and help you create the kitchen you have always desired, making sure that your home meets all of the latest design trends!

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