Kreta Wall Panels

With industrial style kitchens and other aspects of interior design becoming a growing trend, gaining more and more popularity. Favos is happy to say we can help you achieve this stunning feel and aesthetic with our extensive range of lightweight surfaces. Holding a product range with a huge variation of materials inspired by concrete and metal Favos can help you create any form of the industrial style with products ranging from “Concrete Light” to the dark and subtle design of “Metal Dark”.

The industrial style for interior design.


Favos can achieve many areas of interior design using our lightweight yet structurally versatile panels and surfaces. A recent example of this is our stand at the recent kbb Birmingham event where we used our 4mm surface “Kreta” for the flooring of the stand. Providing a strong and robust yet lightweight panel Favos is able to make an easy installation process for a product that could otherwise prove to be challenging to put in place. As well as this the materials hardwearing nature and scratch resistance irradicates the fear of scuffing shoes or muddy paw prints being left on the surface by family pets!

kbb Stand with Kreta flooring

Worktops and Surfaces

Whether you are trying to find an astonishing kitchen worktop or any other form of surface in your home Favos is able to integrate both immense style and practicality with that industrial feel that will separate the chosen room from any other in astounding fashion. All of our industrial tones create a truly authentic feel, with a select few taking a more altered style such as “Nilium” which is one of our newer products, being the minimalist element of the industrial series, Nilium offers a subtle cocktail of white and grey shades representing the beginning of the oxidisation process of a material, holding warm and delicate shades.

Wall Panels

Able to be used for both interior and exterior design, the combination of Favos’ lightweight panels and Cristofoli International’s lightweight cladding technology we have been able to create an easy to install and structured way for our panels to be hung from both inside and outside the walls of your home! As a part of the Cristofoli International family, Favos is able to provide a large background and great understanding of construction and how our lightweight panels can be utilized most effectively for the project you are hoping to complete.


Featuring water resistance in both our Dekton and Infinity ranges for Favos surfaces, panels make the perfect material for bathroom design. Whether it’s shower walls, flooring, shelving, or vanity units Favos offers immaculate design with our industrial tones – creating a completely unique bathroom aesthetic, stepping away from traditional design. But in some ways much more eye-catching.


The lightweight yet robust nature of our Favos panels allows for us to manufacture cut to size shelves to fit in any sized cavity or hang off a wall as a free-standing piece. The use of our industrial tones will help make the shelf stand out against any background, be it the dark and strong “Liquid Embers”, bright and colourful “Ocean Blue”, or marble inspired “Calacatta Arabescato”, becoming a centrepiece in any room. Additionally, Favos can produce coffee tables, creating a different style of décor for your home that remains highly stylish although it is unique and untraditional.

Concrete Light Table, Surfaces and Wall Panels

Using our wide range of industrial style materials Favos can provide a variety of designs and patterns by mixing colours against one another and using the industrial designs in areas where they are not typically found. With our skilled workforce and innovative design, we can help you create an astonishing home using both traditional and untraditional yet stylish design.