Bergen Kitchen Island and Worktops

With worktops and surfaces being some of the most important aspects of kitchen design with every day use being a main factor, it’s necessary that they are both practical and stylish in design. Whether you’re dream design features busy or soft veining with light, dark, or a variation of light and dark tones, Favos has a wide array of solutions and designs for you to achieve a mesmerizing marble design that is suited for everyday life.

Aura 15 bar and worktop

Natural Stone vs Sintered Stone

With marble being an evergreen trend in kitchen design, it’s vital to know that natural marble needs to be maintained to a relatively high level to ensure it continues to look luxurious. Unlike Favos’ sintered surfaces natural marble is porous and stains easily, so it’s a necessity to keep the material clean for damage prevention.

Favos surfaces are able to achieve incredible design, inspired by natural stone our materials feature delicate touches with immense style, a great example of this is “Bergen”. Taking inspiration from the famous and classic Italian Arabescato marble, Bergen features busy grey veining throughout. Favos surfaces allow you to achieve that classic and natural feel you desire, while also being easy to maintain with high stain resistance as well as all of our product’s other performance benefits.

Marble in design

As a part of the Cristofoli International family, Favos is happy to not only supply our lightweight surfaces, but also source and produce materials from the Cristofoli International “Material Gallery”. This creates an extensive variety of possibilities in design with a range from “Natura 18” a Favos surface, to “Carrara”, the stunning natural stone. Favos can help you create your dream kitchen to meet your specific wants and needs!

Minimalistic to bold in design

From soft and subtle to bold and busy veining Favos covers every aspect of design with our immense material range. Whether you want to achieve a design with soft veining to help other accessories of the room stand out or have a more dominant surface design with large and bold veining to achieve incredible aesthetics and a tone of luxury throughout the room’s entirety.

Splashbacks and more

A splashback can suffer from large staining with hot liquids such as oil spraying from the pan so natural marble may not be the best choice if you consistently use a hob to cook. However, Favos can provide you with a mixture of natural surfaces and a stain resistance Favos splashback that also features high levels of heat resistance so you will not lose the surfaces performance benefits, catering to all of the kitchen needs whilst maintaining the incredibly stylish kitchen design that you have always dreamed of.

Bergen Kitchen Island and Worktop

As a part of the Cristofoli International family Favos can cover almost any aspect of kitchen design, creating practical yet stylish surfaces. With a wide variety of marbles and marble inspired materials throughout Favos can help you produce any aesthetic you could possibly dream of.