Crystal Amber office furniture

The furniture in most homes is typically wood or other lightweight materials because these items are easy to transport and bring into the home. But stone furniture can offer great performance and a completely unique aesthetic, so how can Favos help bring stone furniture to your home?

With a whole host of performance attributes and the incredible style produced by our stunning surface materials we can help you achieve jaw-dropping stone furniture, and here’s how.


Unlike traditional stone, our Favos surfaces are incredibly lightweight. Weighing just 15 kg/m² allows for easy transportation to and around the home, or even up numerous flights of stairs to an apartment or office. This lightweight furniture is ideal for home decor, irradiating the worry of shelves falling off of brackets, and the vigorous task of moving coffee tables when you have guests visiting.

Scratch Resistance

We all know that when buying furniture the fear of cups, plates and other household items scratching the surfaces can be higher than ever before. But with our Favos surfaces, this is an issue that you can move to the back of your mind. The high resistance against scratching of our materials means that you can slide sharp objects across your furniture without the gut-wrenching feeling of instant regret you get with other surface materials.

Stain Resistance

A second major performance attribute that our lightweight surfaces provide for furniture is the resistance to staining supplied, creating a versatile lightweight material. Being able to maintain the stunning white in materials like “Renoir” can prove to be difficult for households with young children or muddy pets, but our surface materials are easy to maintain, requiring only basic care and attention with common household items!

Heat Resistance

The high heat resistance of our materials allows you to place incredibly hot objects on the surface without causing performance or visual issues. Our surface materials remove the fear of placing hot pans on surfaces and burning the top and leaving a burn mark or spilling a hot drink on your coffee table and causing damage to the table’s performance.

UV Resistance

Holding a high resistance to UV rays allows for our lightweight surfaces to be used for outdoor appliances. As summer is coming up, what could be better than having a completely unique stone table in your garden for a barbecue or garden party? Having no loss in colour after exposure to UV rays our lightweight surfaces Favos can provide immense style year-round for your garden.

Broad Material Range

As well as being able to provide many performance attributes, Favos has an immense and broad range of materials. Supplying surfaces that can match and create any aesthetic or create a completely new and unique feel with bright and bold colour choices. We can provide anything from industrially inspired stones such as “Concrete Light” to the always stunning marble tones, dark and strong colours, providing incredible style like “Liquid Embers” and all the way to unique and bright materials such as “Ocean Blue”. We can help you achieve the furniture you dream of.

Extra Statuario Table

Our materials feature a huge range of performance attributes in combination with a massive range of stylish and unique colour choices, capable of creating or matching any aesthetic to help you create the home of your dreams. For more information on our lightweight surfaces please check out the ‘About Favos Surfaces’ page and take a look at some more of our blog posts!