Design Guide

Edge Detail

Lightweight Dekton Edge

Our composite panel will show a honeycomb finish unless closed through simple joinery. The benefit of this finished edge brings matching edge and top surfaces giving a consistent appearance of thickness.

It is however only possible to close straight edges, as stone cannot be curved around an edge.

Dekton Edge

Maximum Dimensions

Large Format Pieces

Our lightweight Dekton panels allow for large format design. Slabs are manufactured to 3.2m L x 1.4m W. With an average panel weight of only 18kg/m², the largest possible panel would weigh only 80kg.

Whilst it is possible to create a worktop this large, your only restrictions are having people strong enough to move 80kg! For reference, a 20mm slab of equal dimensions would weigh over a whopping 235kg!

18 kg/m2
Lightness makes installation easy
3.2m x 1.4m
Large panel size
25mm Thickness
Only available in 25mm thickness

Choosing a sink

Up to four sink styles

The Favos range of sinks comes in four distinct styles.

  1. Overmounted Sink – The sink sits on top of the worktop
  2. Flush mounted Sink – The worktop is slightly recessed allowing the Sink to sit flush to the worktop
  3. Undermounted Sink – The sink sits below the worktop, with worktop edges closed
  4. Bordered Sink – The sink has a metal border which meets the top of the worktop


Epoxy Fixings

Due to the nature of the composite, fixing using conventional screws will not work. Instead, we use specialised threaded bolts & epoxy resin.

Blind holes are drilled into place & specialised threads are fixed using structural grade epoxy resin. Our research & testing has shown an average performance of 2.1Kn of pullout force required to dislodge the fixing. That’s an approximate load of 215 Kg per fixing!

For any under-mounted sink, we recommend using these fixings. For island units, we recommend using angle bracketry to fix the worktop to units below.

Epoxy Fixings

Worktop Joints

Stonemasons Joint

When abutting two corner worktops together, we use the staggered stonemasons joint. As we use joinery to close our edges, this process is completed a . This joint also helps installation as pieces will mate together better.


Worktop Overhang

Depending on your personal preference, your worktop could be flush to the units below or overhang a small amount.

The thickness of the mating joined piece is 20mm, so should you want the feel of the underside to be a stone finish, we recommend at most a 15-18mm overhang (This 15-18mm range will help account for wall squareness).


Aura 15 worktop with overhang


Standard Upstands

Upstands are manufactured from 8mm solid material and are offered at 100mm height standard. Gripfil or any standard building contact adhesive will be adequate to secure.

Full Splashbacks

Splashbacks can be manufactured to cover the entire space between the worktop and wall cabinets. Cutouts for sockets are also possible.

Laurent kitchen with backsplash and upstand
8mm Thick
Solid Dekton upstands
100mm Height
All upstands supplied 100mm high standard

End Panels

Further Finishes

A great design feature is end panels. These can enhance the final finish, giving a unique monolithic effect.

Where possible the end panel will be cut alongside the worktop so any veining in the slab will flow into the worktop for a truly unique look.

End panels are manufactured to the same detailing as the worktop, so the thickness of the end panel will need to be added to the total length of the worktop above (+25mm). Our recommended method of fixing is to use structural adhesive.

Bergen end panel
Flowing Veins
End panels can flow veins into worktop