Dekton: Laurent

What is it?

Dekton is a sintered stone manufactured using extremely high heat and pressure. It is part of the new wave of “ultra-compact” surfaces promising exceptional performance. Raw materials are cooked to temperatures up to 1200°C and subject to pressures over 400 BAR.

The finished product is highly stable and comes with a myriad of benefits:

Exceptional Stain Resistance
Most high staining chemicals can be cleaned with soap & water
High Scratch Resistance
Maintains its factory finished look
UV Resistant
Does not fade over time
Exceptional Heat Resistance
Does not scorch or burn

How does it look?

Dekton comes in a wide range of colours and finishes suitable for any application. All colours listed on our site are available only in one finish, including:

What textures are available?

Our current range includes up to four finishes, note that the colours are mostly manufactured to one texture only. They include:


A lightly textured surface with low light reflectivity


A more natural-looking finish that isn’t perfectly even


A soft to touch yet non-reflective finish


A glossy, shiny, mirror finish

Favos Panels

Favos panels feature 4mm Dekton laminated to a 20mm aluminium honeycomb using a specialised epoxy system. Our lightweight surfaces can help change the way you create. To learn more about our Favos panels, check out our About page.