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Functional Kitchen - Artinox sinks - Layer with accessories

Functional Kitchens By Favos

While the main concern when redesigning your kitchen might not be functionality it is vital. From worksurface durability to the quality of your tap everything needs to work perfectly. However, we understand that having a kitchen you feel comfortable in and love the design of is the main concern. So how can Favos achieve stylish ... continue reading
Stainless steel sink from Favos

Stainless Steel Sinks With Favos

While Favos specialises in lightweight surfaces we also offer a range of designer "Sinks", manufactured by Artinox using the most up to date machinery and high-grade stainless steel. Combining style with functionality, Favos' Artinox sinks benefit you for more than just a stunning sink, and here's how. Design Favos' Artinox sink range provides immense style ... continue reading
Verde France interior

Favos Interior Coverage

When it comes to interior design there is a humungous array of areas to cover. From surface materials, style and colour, sinks, accessories and furniture. But, you can't forget about the smaller details such as installation and transportation that don't fit into the magic of redesigning your home. So how can Favos bring you more ... continue reading
Lunar Kitchen

Can Favos achieve the design trends of 2022?

A lot of you may be wondering whether Favos is capable of providing you the latest design trends for the year ahead. After carrying out some research and looking at some of the hottest design trends for 2022 Favos is happy to say we can help you create a stunning and practical kitchen that anyone ... continue reading
Favos sink accessories

Kitchen Accessories To Define Your Home

As well as an extensive range of worktop colours and finished Favos offers a broad rank of sinks, taps and accessories to bring extra style and added functionality to your kitchen and sink area when redesigning your kitchen! What makes our accessories special? Our kitchen accessories are manufactured using four different materials: glass, Iroko wood, ... continue reading

Kitchen flexibility provided by Favos

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the normal way of life for many people has changed majorly, with people being forced to leave the office and work from home and students of all ages being removed from the classroom and studying online, people have grown familiar with working in any space they can find. ... continue reading
Trilium outdoor barbecue

Outdoor Cooking Area Provided By Favos

Throughout the summer there’s nothing better than having family and friends over for a barbecue or garden party but having all the equipment ready for use can be challenging and hard to keep organised for when it is needed. However, Favos can make this the last of your summer worries with our panels and worktops ... continue reading

How Favos Meets The Latest Design Trends!

When considering what type of worktop to choose for your new kitchen the options seem to be endless and so do the deciding factors. Choosing between all the different materials from wood to stone, composite materials, and more is enough hassle and that’s without covering other things, such as durability, the look of the worktop, ... continue reading