Laminated in the UK
All Favos panels are UK Manufactured
Panel Weight from 15kg/m2
Easy to Install
Simple to fit & safe to lift
Cost Effective Solution
Lower raw material costs & easier installation when compared against traditional surfaces
Large Format Panels
Panel sizes from 3.2m x 1.4m
Custom Fabrication
Fabricated to your requirements



Dekton is a generational leap in manufactured stone technology. Combining raw minerals under intense heat and pressure has created a remarkable material.

It is highly scratch-resistant, impervious to staining, and exhibits excellent heat resistance.



Infinity specializes in the production of high-quality large-size porcelain slabs for architecture, interiors and tailor-made solutions.

The wide range of Infinity collections offers a variety of surfaces that combine high technology with innovation, supporting the creativity of architects and designers all over the world.


There’s more to a kitchen sink than you might think. Favos have partnered up with Artinox, the revolutionary industry leader in sink design. Artinox sinks come with a wide range of highly functional accessories that can change the way you cook. So if you’re looking for Italian flare, then look no further.





Infinity porcelain Travertino Grey Kitchen Island

Infinity Porcelain or Quartz?

Infinity porcelain and Quartz hold many differences, aside from sporting different colour designs and finishes. Both materials possess different performance attributes that change the way the materials behave and need to be treated. Heat Resistance One key difference between Infinity porcelain and Quartz is the resistance to heat that the two materials hold. Infinity porcelain ... continue reading
Dark Stone - Nero Granite

Stone Design Revolutionised By Favos

Favos provides an immense, broad range of materials that are sending shockwaves through the industry. Capable of achieving a host of designs using our composite materials (Surfaces) and even sourcing natural stone through years of experience working with raw and natural materials. Favos brings revolutionary stone design in combination with immense style. Lightweight Favos uses ... continue reading
Calacatta Hermitage

What is Infinity?

What is it? Infinity is a porcelain manufactured using high heat. Using 100% natural raw materials and minerals, the slabs are made from the same essential elements contained in granite. Quartzes, feldspars, clays and kaolins are purified, atomised, pressed and heated to high temperatures, making up the body of the slab. Allowing for a number ... continue reading
Kreta Wall Panels

Industrial Style Design By Favos

With industrial style kitchens and other aspects of interior design becoming a growing trend, gaining more and more popularity. Favos is happy to say we can help you achieve this stunning feel and aesthetic with our extensive range of lightweight surfaces. Holding a product range with a huge variation of materials inspired by concrete and ... continue reading
Bergen Kitchen Island and Worktops

Marble design provided by Favos

With worktops and surfaces being some of the most important aspects of kitchen design with every day use being a main factor, it’s necessary that they are both practical and stylish in design. Whether you’re dream design features busy or soft veining with light, dark, or a variation of light and dark tones, Favos has ... continue reading