Laminated in the UK
All Favos panels are UK Manufactured
Panel Weight from 15kg/m2
Easy to Install
Simple to fit & safe to lift
Cost Effective Solution
Lower raw material costs & easier installation when compared against traditional surfaces
Large Format Panels
Panel sizes from 3.2m x 1.4m
Custom Fabrication
Fabricated to your requirements



Dekton is a generational leap in manufactured stone technology. Combining raw minerals under intense heat and pressure has created a remarkable material.

It is highly scratch-resistant, impervious to staining, and exhibits excellent heat resistance.



Infinity specializes in the production of high-quality large-size porcelain slabs for architecture, interiors and tailor-made solutions.

The wide range of Infinity collections offers a variety of surfaces that combine high technology with innovation, supporting the creativity of architects and designers all over the world.


There’s more to a kitchen sink than you might think. Favos have partnered up with Artinox, the revolutionary industry leader in sink design. Artinox sinks come with a wide range of highly functional accessories that can change the way you cook. So if you’re looking for Italian flare, then look no further.





Trilium Wall Panels

Can Favos be used for interior design?

Favos can provide more than stunning worktops with our extensive range of materials. The lightweight structure of Favos panels creates an easily transportable product with simple installation, allowing for one man installation teams amongst many other attributes that help create an astonishing stone panel for all aspects of interior design. Interior Cladding Capable of producing ... continue reading
Lunar Kitchen

Can Favos achieve the design trends of 2022?

A lot of you may be wondering whether Favos is capable of providing you the latest design trends for the year ahead. After carrying out some research and looking at some of the hottest design trends for 2022 Favos is happy to say we can help you create a stunning and practical kitchen that anyone ... continue reading
Favos sink accessories

Kitchen Accessories To Define Your Home

As well as an extensive range of worktop colours and finished Favos offers a broad rank of sinks, taps and accessories to bring extra style and added functionality to your kitchen and sink area when redesigning your kitchen! What makes our accessories special? Our kitchen accessories are manufactured using four different materials: glass, Iroko wood, ... continue reading

Kitchen flexibility provided by Favos

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the normal way of life for many people has changed majorly, with people being forced to leave the office and work from home and students of all ages being removed from the classroom and studying online, people have grown familiar with working in any space they can find. ... continue reading
Aura 15 worktop with overhang

How Favos Can Provide You With a Kitchen Splashback

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen? Then why not consider using a splashback to become a centrepiece of your kitchen? Splashbacks can create a host of different looks, bringing immense style and an added splash of sophistication to the room. Favos can achieve this through our Dekton panels that boast countless performance qualities that ... continue reading