As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the normal way of life for many people has changed majorly, with people being forced to leave the office and work from home and students of all ages being removed from the classroom and studying online, people have grown familiar with working in any space they can find. These changes pose the question, could this be the new normal?

These changes have caused many challenging problems for homeowners needing to create a peaceful working environment that is also relaxing and homely for their free time. There are many ways in which both aesthetics and environments can be achieved, and we’ll look at how these can be accomplished by Favos, giving the customer a diverse and stylish renovation to their homes, increasing kitchen flexibility.

How can Favos help create a good working environment through kitchen flexibility?

Attempting to convert your home into a working environment can prove to be a challenging task for those without a spare room or home office, but the kitchen could be a great alternative. The kitchen has many qualities that other rooms in the home do not hold to help create an effective working environment whilst also keeping the original and necessary homely feel.


The kitchen can offer more natural light than many other rooms through large windows and glass doors. Favos can help increase the brightness of the room through our extensive selection of white worktops, featuring stylish design whilst also reducing straining of the eyes and headaches. White worktops make the room feel brighter and accentuate the natural light entering the room, while this helps to create a working environment that can keep productivity to a maximum Favos worktops feature incredible design inspired by natural stone – this will help maintain a homely feel to the room that may be unachievable in other areas of the home.


Favos can provide ample workspace through our large selection of sinks and layered sink accessories creating increased functionality and open space on the worktop. This increase in workspace can help create a more organised area and improved working environment as the need to store items such as a drainer and chopping board can be placed in the sink, creating optimum space for other necessities. While providing increased workspace and an improved working environment Favos’ sinks and layered sink accessories also bring immense practicality and design that is sure to compliment any aesthetic through our vast selection.

Stylish design

Favos can enable customers to have a stylish yet practical design in their kitchen that creates multifunctional use, the stylish design of our worktops, sinks, and sink accessories allow for any aesthetic to be created with maximum efficiency in everyday use as well as providing the ability to use our products in other everyday tasks with high productivity. Favos’ worktops and extensive range of other products also allow for a working environment to be created whilst maintaining the homely feel that is desired at the end of every day!

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Scratch resistance

Favos’ highly scratch-resistant panels help create the perfect multifunctional surfaces, giving customers ease of mind when preparing food or placing objects on the surface. The high scratch resistance allows customers to cut and dice food without the use of a chopping board whilst also being able to place and move objects such as books, laptops, pens, and other office supplies on the surface. Combined these qualities create the perfect kitchen worktops that can be used in everyday life whilst also creating a positive working environment.


Whilst it may be difficult and unconventional for many people to work from home as there may not be the required space to create a working environment that doesn’t disrupt the homely and comfortable feel to the home that is desired by many people after work. Through the kitchen flexibility of our surfaces and accessories, Favos can provide the qualities needed to create a stunning worktop providing a safe and comfortable working environment.