How Favos Can Provide You With a Kitchen Splashback

Aura 15 worktop with overhang

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen? Then why not consider using a splashback to become a centrepiece of your kitchen? Splashbacks can create a host of different looks, bringing immense style and an added splash of sophistication to the room. Favos can achieve this through our Dekton panels that boast countless performance qualities that many materials cannot. Practicality is the first thing to consider when choosing your kitchen splashback material and some of the key aspects to consider include whether the material is waterproof, easy to clean, heat resistant, and easy installation.

However, ensuring that your splashback material is practical doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise on style or aesthetic value, and Favos is here to show you how you can incorporate practicality and design to create a stunning aesthetic for your kitchen.

Low porosity

Favos panels feature low porosity, meaning that any liquid spilt onto the splashback will not seep through and damage your walls. The material’s low porosity means that there are very few empty voids on the surface of the panel, as a result of this the material has a low likelihood of absorbing any liquids that could cause damage to the panel or wall behind the splashback. One of the primary functions of a splashback is to ensure the protection of your walls against any damages that may occur, and Favos’ low porous panels are a great way to prevent this from occurring.

Easy to clean

A second aspect that you will need to consider when choosing your splashback material is whether the material is easy to clean, as the splashback is predominantly placed behind the stove or other areas that are likely to be exposed to spraying liquids or misplacement of food. Favos’ panels allow for the customer to easily build and maintain a stunning splashback that would stand out in any kitchen with the materials impeccable design and excessive range of performance upsides.

Heat resistance

A third feature that is vital when deciding what material to use for your splashback is that the material holds a high resistance to heat. Favos panels provide high heat resistance, which is necessary for splashback design as the material is commonly placed in areas that are exposed to high temperatures on a consistent basis. Favos panels provide the customer with ease of mind that their splashback will be able to hold the high levels of performance and stylish design across a long time period of high heat exposure.

Easy installation

Additionally, Favos understands that all customers desire an easy and simple installation of products, to help achieve this Favos manufacture our panels by bonding 4mm and 6mm surfaces to a 20mm aluminium honeycomb. The facing skins use a medium-grade fibreglass mesh that is bonded using a specially formulated epoxy system, using the same technology that is used in composite aircraft manufacture! This manufacturing process creates a lightweight panel weighing only 15 kg/m². The lightweight panels allow for simple and quick installation, irradicating the need for specialist installation teams, and creating the perfect panel for DIY projects.


While covering the performance aspects of your backsplash is necessary, with Favos you won’t have to sacrifice any style or design features you were hoping to achieve in your kitchen. Favos is capable of bookmatching (mirroring) the slab adjacent to another slab in your kitchen, allowing the veins to flow throughout. This creates pristine design and an impeccable style that can help customers achieve their dream kitchen that is functional and practical yet stylish in its design.

Laurent kitchen with backsplash and upstand

Favos can help you achieve your dream kitchen by combining a host of performance attributes necessary to ensure high-quality performance and durability, with style and design, giving the customer the ability to create any aesthetic. The high performance and stylish design will truly allow your splashback to become a centrepiece in any kitchen!

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