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A lot of you may be wondering whether Favos is capable of providing you the latest design trends for the year ahead. After carrying out some research and looking at some of the hottest design trends for 2022 Favos is happy to say we can help you create a stunning and practical kitchen that anyone would be proud of.

Liquid Embers Kitchen

Double islands

If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen area, then why not treat yourself to a double island? This will allow for dining on one and food preparation on the other. Additionally, extra storage space will be saved throughout the rest of your kitchen for things such as pantries, wine cellars and more. As well as providing increased practicality throughout your kitchen a double island will bring an added sense of style and flair in design.

Kitchens as living areas

As well as producing beautiful kitchen worktops Favos can provide items such as wall panelling for interior design. Favos’ extensive range of materials creates the opportunity for customers to make a swift and easy transfer from kitchen to living area whilst maintaining all the necessities a kitchen holds in appliances, structure, and design. Capable of creating any aesthetic Favos can meet all your wants and needs.


An evergreen topic in kitchen design trends is marble, Favos is able to provide many marble inspired materials through our extensive material range. With a wide variety of options ranging from solid white panels with fine details such as “Halo” to panels such as “Bergen ” which features heavy grey veining throughout. Additionally, our marble inspired panels create an astonishing finish when complimented by our incredible range of stainless steel sinks.


Having stylish and practical appliances is becoming an increasingly hot trend in kitchen design. Favos offers an immense range of designer appliances from sinks and taps to chopping boards, trays, and bowls. A prime example of our stylish yet practical appliances is the “Steel & Polyethylene chopping board”. Featuring a polyethylene board and a steel cover this product this product provides immense functionality in its design, the steel cover provides many performance benefits as it is easy to clean, resistant to temperature, and doesn’t absorb odour. Adding on to the performance benefits the board can cover our sink range and be layered on top of other appliances, creating immense sink functionality whilst providing a slick and stylish finish for your kitchen.

Minimalistic design

With minimalistic design becoming more and more popular Favos feel we can provide everything you could want or need without taking up huge amounts of worktop space that can look messy and unorganized. With items such as trays, chopping boards, and bowls easily able to be layered on top of one another we can provide a stylish design that doesn’t take up huge amounts of your worktop. Creating ample surface space for other appliances such as a toaster or even decoration features such as ornaments, photos, or flower vases.

Practical yet stylish worksurfaces

Producing a practical yet stylish worksurface is something that is in high demand but may not always be achievable. However, with our lightweight and thin panels Favos can produce a worksurface that holds astonishing finished in design as well as providing incredible performance benefits, such as resistance to scratching, stain resistance, heat resistance and more. Combining an incredible aesthetic that can be found in any material in our range with the impressive worktop performance benefits that Favos panels achieve has allowed us to create both a practical and stylish worksurface.

Large sinks

Although dishwashers have become a huge part of our daily routine, we still need to wash up the larger items such as pots and pans which simply won’t fit in small sinks. Favos offers an extensive sink range featuring double bowled sinks which can combat this dilemma. Offering stainless steel sinks Favos can also provide style integrated with practicality for sink design.

Two-toned kitchens

With the contrast of different materials becoming more and more popular in kitchen design Favos offers a broad range of dark and bright materials to perfectly compliment one another throughout our products. Whether you dream of a dark worksurface and bright splashback or even contrasting materials for your worksurfaces and kitchen island Favos will be able to provide you with astonishing style in design. If a two-toned kitchen isn’t enough then Favos can also provide different finishes to create added style for your kitchen.

Industrial style

Industrial style kitchens continue to grow in popularity with the use of raw materials featuring rich tones and textures being complimented by metal features creating a unique and stylish aesthetic. Throughout out material range there are many designs inspired by industrial stone such as “Kreta”, inheriting inspiration from classic cement flooring Kreta holds gentle movement providing darker and lighter areas throughout the slab. Integrating our stainless steel sinks, taps, and accessories would help create an astonishing aesthetic completely unique to traditional kitchen design.

Kreta Cupboard Panels

Favos’ product range provides an immense amount of style and practicality with design and performance being combined throughout. This blog post outlines ten of the many ways Favos can provide you with the latest kitchen design trends whilst also finding a solution for practicality in all areas. For more information on our products check out some of our other posts!