Favos sink accessories

As well as an extensive range of worktop colours and finished Favos offers a broad rank of sinks, taps and accessories to bring extra style and added functionality to your kitchen and sink area when redesigning your kitchen!

What makes our accessories special?

Our kitchen accessories are manufactured using four different materials: glass, Iroko wood, polyethylene and steel, this spreads across our trays, chopping boards and bowls creating a stunning design with immense practicality. Another standout feature of Favos’ accessory range is the integration of our accessories and sink range.  With the trays, chopping boards and bowls specifically designed to fit as sink accessories that can be layered on top of one another an extortionate amount of worktop space is preserved for other objects that may not be seen as a necessity such as ornaments, knife holders and more.



With five trays in our range capable of carrying out different and varying functions, Favos can help you create a functional sink area, the functionality of the product combined with immense style in design, manufactured from stainless steel fills all the needs of a kitchen accessory. An incredible example of design and functionality in our range is shown through our “Tray with plate holder”, this product is designed to accommodate both plates and other kitchen utensils such as knives and forks. Additionally, the product is widely applicable to our sink models.

Chopping boards

Favos’ chopping board range offers an enormous choice in variety with four different and unique materials and a broad selection of sizes to fit multiple sinks in our range. Featuring glass, Iroko wood, polyethylene, and steel & polyethylene the options are almost endless. With three different board lengths the “Steel & Polyethylene chopping board” is an exceptional choice in chopping board material. The board offers everything that the polyethylene chopping board provides and more with its steel cover. The inclusion of a steel cover brings a stylish design capable of complimenting any aesthetic as well as many performance benefits, which include, an easy to clean cover, resistance to temperature, and that the material does not absorb odour. With a stylish design complimented with many performance benefits, the steel & polyethylene chopping board is a truly innovative creation in kitchen design, becoming the perfect solution for a practical yet stylish kitchen accessory.


Offering six bowls in our range Favos is truly able to capture all the needs of this kitchen accessory. A great example of one of our bowls is the “Large strainer bowl”, specifically designed for selected Layer models, the large strainer bowl brings more functionality than other bowls. Designed and manufactured using the most updated machinery and stainless steel this product offers high durability and functionality. The large strainer bowl is just one of our many products that encapsulates functionality and style in design.

Favos has truly been able to capture all the desired aspects of any kitchen accessory, combining stylish design, functionality, and practicality to provide our customers with products that will stand out in any aesthetics. To learn more about our accessories visit: