Functional Kitchens By Favos

Functional Kitchen - Artinox sinks - Layer with accessories

While the main concern when redesigning your kitchen might not be functionality it is vital. From worksurface durability to the quality of your tap everything needs to work perfectly. However, we understand that having a kitchen you feel comfortable in and love the design of is the main concern. So how can Favos achieve stylish and functional kitchens?


Our surfaces provide much more than a stunning design. Boasting a wide range of performance attributes Favos surfaces are capable of creating immensely functional kitchens. Covering all areas of kitchen design our surface materials hold a high resistance against scratching, staining and many more design concerns, almost as though they are a bulletproof vest for anything that can go wrong in the kitchen (please don’t take that literally).


Now, you may be wondering ‘How can a sink provide functionality in the kitchen?’ There are many ways a sink can do so, and our designer stainless steel sinks do just that. Using the most up-to-date machinery and stainless steel our sink range incorporates and combines style and functionality. With a wide variety of structurally stable sinks that meet all your design needs, we are sure we have the perfect sink for you.

Chopping Boards

Having the option of 4 different materials to choose from in our range of Chopping boards there is a great variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer, glass, wood, steel or plastic we have just the chopping boards for you!

Trays & Bowls

While these items are not the most desirable option in bathroom design they are what keep functional kitchens functioning. Our Trays and Bowls are manufactured from stainless steel, creating a sustainable kitchen accessory that is easy to maintain, while being both stylish and functional. Available in many different sizes you will find the perfect tray or bowl for your needs.


While all of our kitchenware products are great on their own, there is something special and unique about them. Our products are integrable with one another, creating a slick design to the sink with layered options providing the opportunity to hide and disguise any unwanted mess that may be there when guests are over whilst also freeing up surface space! What more could you want?


With a total of six Taps to choose from in our range, you may think there is a very limited opportunity for design. However, all of our stainless steel taps provide incredible and unique designs, creating many opportunities for influential kitchen design. Additionally, our taps all perform to an incredible standard whilst being a centrepiece in the heart of your home.

Functional kitchens

To learn more about all of our products make sure to visit the independent pages linked throughout this article. And for more information on our surfaces why not read another blog post or visit the ‘About Favos Surfaces’ page by following the link below?