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Our broad range of surface materials features bright stone surfaces, all capable of achieving stunning visuals whilst creating unique aesthetics in combination with a host of performance attributes. But how can our surfaces benefit your home?

With an incredible range of surface materials, we are sure we can find the perfect surface for your home. Providing astonishing design and meeting all the needs to suit your household. Our bright stone surfaces provide all the design specifications for any project, from classic marble to more recent trends like industrial style home design and even unique design. The possibilities are almost endless! Here’s how we can help you achieve your dream home.

Marble Design

An all-time classic, marble is sure to create a luxurious feel in any home. With an extensive range of materials covering 62 different options, our marble surfaces are a centrepiece in our collection. From thick heavy veining to thin and delicate veins throughout we have it all. Using our range of sintered stone surfaces and the natural stone provided by “Cristofoli International” we can help you find the perfect stone for your home, bringing additional design and aesthetics completely unique to you.

Bright Industrial Stone Surfaces

Industrial style stone surfaces are becoming a growing trend in home design. The use of materials such as “Concrete Light” can reinvent a room completely with its bright and simplistic grey tones. Industrial design creates a unique feel that other materials are unable to achieve, providing a rustic yet modern and fresh aesthetic.

Unique Surface Materials

While these surface materials may not be traditional, they are simply incredible. Bringing a completely unique feel to any room in the home surface materials such as “Ocean Blue” offer that something different. If you’re trying to achieve something different that stands out then these are the surface materials for you. Providing incredible and eye-catching designs unlike anything else.

Intricate Design

Detail in stone is something everyone looks for when remodelling their home with stone surfaces. Our materials all feature intricate design through the inspiration of natural stone, creating incredible aesthetics and immense functionality. From small details such as the thin veining in our “Arga” surfaces to the thick yet detailed veins of “Calacatta Hermitage”, catering to all of your design dreams.

Contrasting With Bright Stone Surfaces

We know that there is nothing more visually appealing than contrasting stone surfaces. Our bright stone surfaces can be delicately contrasted against those with darker tones in our range. Whether it’s a small piece for added detail or a smooth entry from one surface material to the next we are sure that we can help you elevate the interior design of your home through our material range.

Performance Attributes

Although this may not seem as glorious as the other subjects of this article, making sure that your surfaces maintain their stunning visual effects is necessary for home design. So here is a short list of how we can help you keep the pristine surfaces in your home.

Stain Resistance

Staining stone surfaces is a common problem in home design, and what could be worse than having a massive stain from a drink covering your marble worktop? Our Favos surfaces hold a high resistance against staining, only requiring basic care and attention to maintain the astonishing surfaces you have in your home.

Scratch Resistance

With a high resistance against scratching our surfaces are perfect flooring solutions for homes with pets. Seeing dogs run across a stone floor can make the owner’s heart drop knowing there is a high chance of scratching. However, with our surfaces, this won’t be a worry. Holding a high resistance against scratching allows for sharp objects to be slid across our surfaces with no damage.

Outdoor Usage

Unlike other stone materials such as quartz, Favos lightweight surfaces provide both UV resistance and resistance to thawing and ice. While you may not be using an outdoors cooking area throughout the winter, by the time summer rolls around you will still have the stunning aesthetic from the year before. Requiring only basic care and attention throughout the year.

Lightweight Panels

Weighing only 15 kg/m² our panels create the perfect solutions for flats and apartments or bathrooms. Easily transportable up flights of stairs allows for a quick and simple installation, requiring fewer installers and a shorter time period. Getting your home back to normal quicker than ever!

Bright Stone Surfaces - Aura 15 exterior cooking area

Our lightweight surfaces can help you achieve your dream home. With bright stone surfaces holding intricate details and a host of performance attributes we are sure there is something for you. To learn more about our surfaces visit the “About Favos Surfaces”, and click the button below to view our material range!