With all of the surface material choices out there it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, so why choose Favos lightweight stone surfaces for kitchen design?

With a broad host of colours and performance benefits, Favos is able to help you create your dream home through stone kitchen design. From an incredible range in colours and designs such as the always iconic marble to modern industrial style panels or bold and bright colours that can make your kitchen completely unique yet incredibly stylish.

Material Range

Favos has a range consisting of 62 different materials, holding different designs, styles and finishes. Our broad range allows you to complete any project with immense style and even contrasting colours to create a completely unique aesthetic and feel. From marble to industrial-inspired materials we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Marble Kitchen Design

Marble is an evergreen and iconic choice in material for stone surface kitchens. So what could be better than a variety of options, from thick and heavy veining to thin and delicate veins flowing through the panel we provide an incredible variation to help you create the home you have always wished for. Materials such as “Calacatta Hermitage” features great character with a bright white background and heavy thick grey veins with hints of browns and orange to compliment its unique and incredible design. Other marble inspired materials such as “Natura 18″ include much finer and more intricate veining.

Industrial Stone Kitchen Design

A popular and growing trend in stone kitchen design is industrial style materials. Fortunately for you Favos has a wide range of industrial-inspired surfaces, from light to dark greys and concrete alternatives we are sure there is the perfect material for you. A great example of an industrial-inspired material we offer is “Concrete Light”, the material offers a lighter tone to a concrete alternative, perfect for lighting up your home and creating an alternative, unique aesthetic.

Dark Stone Surfaces for Kitchen Design

Another growing trend is dark stone surfaces, while many materials can not compare to the marble effect our dark-toned surfaces create an aesthetic completely separate from others, with the choice of plain and strong blacks, dark brown, or even blacks with a strong hint of bright colour such as the orange veining throughout or “Laurent” panels.

Bright & Bold Surfaces

We are also capable of providing bright and bold surface panels that are unique from any other. A prime example of this is “Ocean Blue”, featuring a blue background against shades of white and orange creating an incredible aesthetic. Our materials can meet any of your design needs through an excessive range of colours for stone kitchen design.

Performance Attributes

Favos surfaces provide incredible performance attributes, creating a surface that is both strong and practical in design as well as achieving a stunning visual aesthetic, and here’s how.

Scratch Resistance

Our lightweight surfaces hold incredible scratch resistance – allowing you to slice and dice on the stone without the use of a chopping board. While this is possible we do advise not to use cutlery on the surfaces regularly as the edges and blades will begin to dull. The high scratch resistance of our panels is perfect for busy homes as the astonishing appearance of your kitchen surfaces will be easily maintained.

Stain Resistance

Additionally, our surface materials feature a high resistance against staining which other materials and stones may not be able to achieve. As summer is approaching this is perfect, allowing for friends who may have had one too many to put their drinks down on the surface without a coaster or clumsy children to spill their drinks, only requiring a wet cloth to clean!


While this may not seem like a major performance attribute, our lightweight surfaces weigh only 15 kg/m² allowing for an easy and simple installation. We know that the kitchen is the heart of any home so it is necessary that the installation goes quickly and smoothly to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Stone kitchen design - Calacatta Hermitage

At Favos we can help you find the perfect surface for your home. From bright and bold colours to classic marbles or even strong dark materials we have it all. For more information on our extensive range of materials visit the ‘About Favos Surfaces – Favos‘ page, and why not read another blog post too?