Trilium outdoor barbecue

Throughout the summer there’s nothing better than having family and friends over for a barbecue or garden party but having all the equipment ready for use can be challenging and hard to keep organised for when it is needed. However, Favos can make this the last of your summer worries with our panels and worktops creating the perfect all weather outdoor cooking area combined with our extensive range of practical and functional accessories that are stylish in design.

Weather protection

Unlike many other man-made materials Favos panels feature both ultraviolet (UV) resistance and resistance to thawing and ice, combined these performance attributes allow for the panels to be used in all weather conditions, requiring only basic care and attention. If exposed to UV rays, then Favos panels will not be affected like other man-made materials as the panels will continue to maintain the clean finish and design that were visible when originally installed. Additionally, Favos panels will continue to hold characteristics such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and stain resistance – creating and maintaining a stunning cooking area in your garden all year round!

On top of this, Favos panels are resistant to thawing and ice, although you may not use an outside cooking area throughout the colder months preserving the panels and appliances will remain important, and Favos can provide this. As Favos’ panels are resistant to thawing and ice only basic care and attention will be needed to make sure their qualities are retained until usage during the warmer months of the year.


As the evening goes on people will start to become cold and try to find warmth, Favos panels have high heat resistance that could provide a stylish surface for garden appliances such as a firepit. As well as providing surfaces for a firepit the panels have the ability to be used as surfaces for plates and drinks to be placed on. As Favos panels feature high scratch resistance they can be used as the perfect worktop material, becoming an incredibly stylish, multifunctional centrepiece of any outdoor cooking area.

Kitchen appliances

Favos can provide customers with a vast range of sinks, taps, and sink accessories that will help create a stylish and multifunctional outdoors cooking area, bringing unique style to its design. Favos’ sink range allows for the option of inset accessories such as chopping boards, trays, and bowls that can be layered on top of one another covering the entirety of the sink and taps that can be adjusted vertically. These accessories give ease and simplicity when using cooking utensils as the customer will not have to leave their guests to do tasks such as washing up or preparing food. Additionally, the accessories only require basic care and attention to maintain high levels of performance, enabling the customer to have a functional outdoors cooking area for everyone to enjoy.

These examples show ways in which Favos is able to provide customers with their dream kitchens and create the home that they desire through the exceptional performance attributes of our immense range of stylish yet practical products.