Stone Floors With Favos

Calacatta Magnifico Stone Floors

Stone floors are a growing trend in home design, from kitchens to bathrooms and even in large areas of open plan design stone is becoming a more prominent choice for flooring. So how can Favos help you create the stunning effects of a stone floor with our products?

From performance attributes, all the way to design and colour Favos has an immense range in choice of materials that can be used to make your flooring stand out.

Natural Stone

While we mainly work with sintered stone at Favos we are able to use a wide variety of natural stones as well thanks to our sister company Cristofoli International. With over 40 years of expertise in the stone industry Favos and Cristofoli International are able to work together to create stunning stone floors, from huge dining rooms on cruise ships to bathrooms or kitchens. We can incorporate a mixture of skill and design using our incredible craftsmanship.

Scratch Resistance

Our lightweight Favos surfaces hold a high resistance against scratching. Although you won’t be using knives on your floor panels as you would on a kitchen surface, there are many ways you can scratch your floors. From moving furniture to your pet’s feet scratching the surfaces and young children playing with toys there are countless ways in which your floors can be scratched. With our Favos panels, this won’t be a worry, even in a busy home with children and animals running around your panels will look as good as the day they were installed!

Stain Resistance

There are many ways you can stain your floors, whether you spill a drink or your kids run muddy footprints through the home you will be scrubbing to try and remove as much of the stain as possible. With our panels, this won’t be an issue – holding a strong resistance against scratching your stone floors will be able to maintain that incredible style you dream of.

Bacteria Resistance

Outside of being able to keep their pristine condition with basic care and attention, Favos surfaces are a hygienic bacteria-resistant surface. This is because the materials are non-porous meaning that no liquid can pass through, while this may not seem like a problem that occurs on a daily basis it’s better to stay on the safe side.

Weight Resistance

Favos surfaces provide a great solution for flooring as they are able to hold large loads. No matter what part of your home your flooring panels are placed finding a crack after moving a heavy object is something no one wants to see. Whether you opt to use our lightweight sintered stone surfaces or use Cristofoli International’s natural stone selection you can place heavy weights on your floors without the fear of damage.

Quick Installation

When renovating your home the worst part of the project is waiting for the final installation. However, we are able to provide a quick and easy solution. Providing a quick installation with stone panels can be difficult, but our lightweight surfaces feature high resistance to abrasion whilst only weight 15 kg/m², giving easy transportation through your home and not fearing the panels chipping.

Easy To Clean

And finally, our surfaces are easy to clean, having a non-porous surface allows for you to use basic, everyday household cleaning products to make sure that your floors keep their incredible design and finish. This is perfect for busy homes and especially pets. Favos can help you achieve the shiny and colourful stone floors that you have been dreaming of.

Crystal Ice Bathroom Stone Floors

Favos can help you find your perfect stone floors, with an immense range of options in colour providing endless opportunities in design. Alongside our materials’ broad and expansive host of performance attributes we can create a stylish yet practical panel for you to use at home, on a boat, or even in a public place holding foot traffic. Make sure to check out some of our other blog posts and materials for more information!