Outdoor Stone Surfaces from Favos

Bright Stone Surfaces - Aura 15 exterior cooking area

As the summer approaches along with hotter temperatures, later sunsets and finally… garden parties and barbecues we know that you will be looking at new ways to create a stunning garden, completely unique to any of your friends and family. With Favos you can achieve stunning outdoor stone surfaces!

But how can you make this happen? and what can you do to make sure that the outdoor surfaces you dream of for the summer maintain their style, design and colour through the cold and wet winter months? Well, Favos’ lightweight stone surfaces can help you achieve this with a host of performance attributes and characteristics that create a superior material for exterior surfaces.

UV Resistance

Most importantly our surfaces hold a high resistance to UV rays, this allows for the surfaces to maintain their stylish and colourful design even through exposure to direct sunlight. Making sure that your outdoor stone surfaces don’t lose colour is a major priority when choosing the materials, Favos surfaces irradicate the fear of one day finding a dull, discoloured appearance to your surfaces, only requiring basic care and attention yet can provide a simple yet stunning material for any exterior project you desire.

Resistance To Thawing And Ice

Although you may find less time to use your outdoor stone surfaces throughout the winter with the dark, cold and wet evenings it’s important that your surface materials are capable of resisting the challenges nature may throw their way. Our surfaces hold resistance to thawing and ice, while this allows for the materials to maintain style, design and performance characteristics you will need to make sure that basic care and attention is carried out to ensure the stunning appearance and performance are carried through to the summer.

Scratch Resistance

While certain exterior features may not seem to need scratch resistance, they do. With so many animals entering gardens from day to day it is vital that your surfaces are resistant to scratching. From birds walking across tabletops to cats bathing in the sun, you will want to make sure your surfaces are kept looking as though they had just been installed. Favos’ lightweight surfaces provide protection against scratching from the sharpest of objects, perfect for any garden.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is crucial for any surface material. But for external surfaces, this is a must! There are many reasons spillages can happen outside, children playing football or having a water fight and especially when friends and family are over for late-night garden parties or barbecues. Fortunately, Favos surfaces are highly resistant to stains requiring only basic maintenance from common, everyday cleaning products. Even better, while you may not be in the mood to clean after a garden party, you can wait till the next day and simply wipe away any spillages, bringing back the stunning surface from the night before.

Broad Material Range

Finally, what could be more important than having a wide choice of materials? From design to style and colour Favos is able to help you achieve the dream surfaces for your garden. With materials ranging from classic and always desirable marble inspired stone, like the strong “Calacatta Hermitage” creating a statement in any garden. To our range of industrial style materials, and even bright, bold and unique materials such as “Ocean Blue” that would like stunning in a coastal garden or riverside home, holding deep blues, contrasting with white and orange splashed.

Concrete Light Exterior

Favos can help you achieve your dream garden with our wide range of materials, holding incredible performance attributes and incredible design. From exterior barbecue areas to tabletops and much more Favos can bring your garden to life with a completely unique feel and aesthetic for you to enjoy all year round. For more information on our materials make sure to check out our materials page and “About Favos Surfaces” by clicking the buttons below!