Bathroom Design: Arga

Bathroom design covers many areas, from style and the materials used to all of the intricate and specific details that are needed to fit all of your needs. So how can Favos help provide you with the bathroom you have dreamed of creating for your home?

At Favos we can use an array of methods to help you achieve what you have always wanted from our fabrication process to the wide array of materials, creating many styles and aesthetics.

Bathroom Design Performance Attributes

Our material range features an immense range of performance attributes that help boost and maintain the performance of any stone feature in your bathroom, and here’s how.

Water Resistance

Our Favos panels hold water resistance, being the perfect material for a shower tray, wall panels, vanity unit surfaces, or even flooring for wet rooms. With high water resistance, our surface panels prove to be a great stone alternative for bathroom design. Holding a high resistance to water allows for you to have a worry-free bathroom as water will not seep through your surfaces, irradicating the fear of water-related damages occurring to the mainframe of your home, as well as this the material will also maintain existing performance benefits.

Heat Resistance

Favos panels and surfaces feature high resistance to heat, which may seem as though it’s more important in kitchen design, but with constant use with showers and baths, the surfaces surrounding these bathroom features need to be able to function with constant exposure to heat and the heat that bathrooms emit. Our surfaces allow for consistent use in areas exposed to heat without the fear of the material being affected.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is almost a necessity in bathroom design, Favos panels allow for you to leave open bottles of shampoo, body wash and even toothpaste on the surfaces. The typically hard-to-clean liquids become only a minor inconvenience, only requiring a wet flannel to remove the stain that could otherwise be left by these common household items. Due to the surface materials being easy to clean, the ability to leave the mess there and come back to it later is also provided by our surface material’s easy-to-clean nature, perfect for busy households where you may not have the most time to clean!

Scratch Resistance

With many ornaments and pieces of furniture in bathroom design, it is vital that your surfaces provide resistance to scratching so that incredible style and finish are maintained. Favos’ surface panels provide incredible resistance to scratching – allowing you to move ornaments across vanity units or stone ledges without the fear of scratching them and even slide furniture across floor panels without leaving a mark. Our panels allow you to maintain the incredible style and aesthetic that you were trying to achieve in bathroom design for your home.


While lightweight materials may not help with the performance of the material or impact the style achieved once installed it allows for a much easier and quicker installation process. Only requiring one or two installers to carry our panels up flights of stairs makes for a simpler installation as well as being able to maintain control of the surfaces much more – reducing the risk of knocking or damaging other areas of the home and reducing the fear of scratching walls when the materials are being carried from your home. Creating a worry-free install.

Easy To Clean

Favos surfaces are easy to clean, this is perfect for homes with large or young families, or even people with busy lives. Allowing you to leave any mess that has been created for a short amount of time before cleaning. Only requiring basic care and attention allows for you to clean the surfaces of your bathroom when you have spare time, being incredibly convenient for people with busy homes.

Bathroom Design: Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Through our fabrication process at Favos we are capable of producing more than just panels for walls. Vanity units, floors, and shower trays. The use of a waterjet allows us to create cut-to-size pieces and format them to create items of furniture for bathroom design such as shelves that can match existing materials or contrast the already existing panels in your bathroom. Bathroom furniture creates extra style, whilst also providing storage and simplicity in design.


We have a broad range of ‘Surfaces Materials’ for you to choose from in bathroom design, from marbles like ‘Calacatta Hermitage’ to dark colours with light veining such as ‘Kelya’ and even industrial style materials including the likes of ‘Kreta’. Favos is able to provide you with any style you could possibly want and even create a contrasting design we can help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Favos can help provide you with the necessary surfaces to achieve your dream kitchen, including an incredible range of performance attributes that will enable you to have an easier home cleaning schedule and a safe bathroom. Our wide array of materials helps create an immense bathroom design with contrasting colours or a one-tone bathroom design. Make sure to visit the ‘About Favos Surfaces’ page to learn more about our products, or check out some of our other blog posts.