Favos worktop installation

Worktops can often be hard to install because of the weight that they carry. For example, a Quartz worktop will weigh around 90kg/m², this can make the installation and handling of the product very difficult because it will take time and precision to make sure that there is no damage done throughout these processes. However, Favos’ lightweight surface panels weigh just 15kg/m², the lightweight panels give easy transportation and installation, perfect for D.I.Y. projects.

Worktop surfaces can be very brittle, an example of this is granite. This is because granite is a natural stone. If a worktop is brittle, then it is more likely to be damaged in the installation or transportation process through cracking or chipping. The inclusion of a 4mm surface bonded to a 20mm aluminium honeycomb makes Favos’ worktops less brittle and vulnerable to being damaged. The way in which Favos worktops are manufactured allows for increased strength – meaning that if the product is knocked during installation or transportation chipping is less likely to occur than it would in other materials.

Natural stone does not bring the same benefits that Favos surfaces provide. An example of this is stain resistance. Natural stone is porous meaning that there are minute holes that liquid is able to pass through – this will make the worktop very hard to maintain. In comparison to this, Dekton allows for easy maintenance. With Favos surfaces, you can spill highly staining liquids such as wine over the surface and not have to worry about the product staining or losing colour.

Another benefit that natural stone will not bring that Favos surfaces provide is scratch resistance. While natural stone is susceptible to scratching Favos surfaces are highly scratch resistant. The surface being scratch resistant means that you are able to use the product as a kitchen worktop and not have to worry about accidentally scratching your surfaces with cutlery.

Additionally, in comparison to most natural stones Favos proves to stronger. This gives the customer peace of mind throughout the delivery and installation process knowing that their order will arrive without any damage and that they are highly unlikely to damage their worktops during installation. As well as this, after installation, the customer will know that their worktops will maintain their condition and astonishing appearance.

Finally, in comparison to other lightweight worktops, Favos’ Dekton also comes out superior, an example of this is laminate. 4mm laminate worktops weigh around 55kg/m², this is more than three times heavier than Favos’ 4mm worktops. Favos brings ease to both transportation and installation with its lightness, strength, and scratch resistance that many other worktops are unable to provide. Unlike Favos worktops laminate will produce fine scratching if crockery, kitchen utensils, and other objects are slid across the surfaces. This will create both visual and physical effects that will not occur with Favos’ lightweight surface panels.

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Favos surface being carried by 1 person